Katori Hall’s ‘WHADDABLOODCLOT!!!’ Debuts Today

Whaddabloodclot Cast

Oliver Award-winning playwright Katori Hall‘s WHADDABLOODCLOT!!!, a new melodrama about class and race, makes it’s world debut today at the  Williamstown Theatre Festival. The production will only run through Sept 19.

Directed by May Adrales, the story follows a white Upper East Side woman (played by Tina Benko) who contracts foreign accent syndrome, and will feature, among others, Brian Tyree Henry and Carolyn Michelle Smith.

The show is billed:

One-percenter Eden Higgenbotham lives a cushy Upper-East-Side life surrounded by equally affluent, vain, and snobbish friends. When a sudden stroke causes her to contract the very rare Foreign Accent Syndrome, which makes her speak uncontrollably with a Jamaican accent, she’s forced to embrace a dramatically altered identity. Irreverent and hilarious,WHADDABLOODCLOT!!! is a searing satire of race and class by the Olivier Award-winning writer of The Mountaintop, Katori Hall.

For tickets or more info, call (413) 597-3400 or visit wtfestival.org


Official Trailer for Katori Hall’s “Hurt Village”