Nate Parker hung out with gang members to prep for ‘Red Hook Summer’

Nate Parker


Like most serious actors, the cast of Spike Lee‘s Red Hook Summer did their research before shooting began. For  Nate Parker, 32, that meant spending time with real-life gang members.

“Spike asked me if I would be interested in meeting real Bloods. I said, ‘yeah,’ so he got in touch with them,” he told “I don’t know how or what his connections were, but he made it happen. I pretty much disconnected myself from the crew and just went and chilled with the Bloods.”

Parker, who plays a ruthless gang leader in the film, also dished about his dream role and the type of roles he would never play. “I’d love to play Nat Turner. What I would never play? Anyone wearing a dress. We just need more images of me. We’ve been emasculated physically, metaphorically too many times for me to support it. For me, that’s where the line stops.”

                                                                                                               Red Hook Summer hits theaters today, Aug. 10.

Red Hook Summer

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