David Oyelowo Discusses ‘Middle of Nowhere’ and ‘The Paperboy’ (VIDEO)

Posted on September 18, 2012 /Film


David Oyelowo made a splash at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival. The British actor sat down for a chat about two of his many upcoming projects: Ava Duvernay‘s Middle of Nowhere and Lee DanielsThe Paperboy.

In Middle of Nowhere, Oyelowo plays the love interest of a married woman who’s husband is serving time in prison. Middle of Nowhere hits select theaters on Oct. 12

The Paperboy follows two reporters enlisted to investigate the possible wrongful conviction of an alleged murderer in a small town in Florida during the 1960s. Oyelowo plays Yardley Acheman, one of the investigative reporters who becomes sexually involved with the woman who led him to the case.The Paperboy hits theaters Oct. 17.

Oyelowo can also be seen in Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln, which opens Nov. 16.


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