Chad Coleman to play Tyreese on ‘The Walking Dead’

Chad Coleman to play Tyreese on "The Walking Dead" Just two weeks after the untimely death of T Dog—formerly The Walking Dead‘s sole black male character—comes news of another black guy joining the fray.

Chad Coleman has been cast to play Tyreese in the hit zombie series based on the comics created by Robert Kirkman, TVLine has confirmed.

Tyreese was a central figure in the comics, and it has been suggested that Coleman will play an integral part in the second half of the current season. Tyreese is described as Rick’s right hand man, but the show’s writers tend to stray from some of the comics’ story lines.

Coleman’s television credits include The Wire, Burn Notice and I Hate My Teenage Daughter.

Sidenote: What does this mean for Oscar (played by Vincent M. Ward)? The show’s history suggests there can only be one black guy at a time.


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