First Look at ‘Blackcta,’ Nathaniel Martello-White’s play about black actors, now playing at London’s Young Vic

Nathaniel Martello-White's 'Blackta'British actor Nathaniel Martello-White‘s new play Blackta, which runs through Nov. 24 at the Young Vic in London, sheds light on the experiences black actors face in the United Kingdom.

Most of the experiences and themes examined in Blackta include an overwhelming lack of opportunities for black actors and intense competition.

“I think Blackta is looking at the collective frustration,” said Martello-White. “But rather than sit in coffee shops and vent frustratedly about the issue and the glass ceiling and what not, in a day and age when everybody’s got a camera on their iPhone and when you can post a YouTube series and write your own plays, I think its promoting write your own thing and create your own thing and do it your way…It’s looking at the struggle but its more about self ability.”

Blackta — which features characters based on their skin tones — also touches on colorism and how someone’s opportunities are influenced by their complexion and facial features.

The cast features Howard Charles as Yellow, Daniel Francis as Black, Michael Oku as Younger Black, Javone Prince as Dull Brown, Anthony Welsh as Brown, and Leo Wringer as Older Black.

According to Producers, Blackta is “the world’s most unusual talent contest. Behind the scenes, competitors are laughing and brawling, parading their hopes and fears in front of each other, their loves and losses. But there’s a bigger fight to be had on stage: who’s going to win? The black, the yellow or the brown guy? This hilariously biting satire by Nathaniel Martello-White, directed by Young Vic artistic director David Lan, exposes the highs and lows of making it as a black actor – a ‘blackta’.”

For tickets, please call 020 7922 2922 or visit Young Vic is located 66 The Cut
Waterloo, London SE1.