‘Django Unchained’: What moviegoers are saying

Posted on December 26, 2012 /Film


'Django Unchained' PosterJamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson and Kerry Washington violently made their way into theaters in Django Unchained, which opened nationwide Christmas Day.

Quentin Tarantino’s latest race pic, a spaghetti western that tackles slavery and bounty hunting, opened to a record-breaking $14M in box office ticket sales amid controversy surrounding the constant usage of the ‘N’ word in the film. The flick received an A- CinemaScore with audiences.

So what exactly are black folks saying about the film? We took to twitter to find the most insightful tweets about the film and the performances. Most tweets praised Jackson’s buoyant portrayal of a loyal house slave who truly worshipped his white slave master.

Naija (‏@naijanarbie) wrote: “Just seen #Django unchained at the new #SMG Definitely the #movie of the year!!! #JamieFoxx was incredible, but #SamuelLJackson was hilarious. I died from laughter a million times!!! Awesome job by #Quentin Tarantino.”

Jason Akasaki ‏(@sakibomb523) wrote: “Samuel L. Jackson can play a mean bad ass black man, or the best Uncle Tom ever.”

D.Shim ‏(@dshimbeatz) wrote: “Django Unchained was funny, explicit, brutal and captures a realistic view of slavery and racism. #greatmovie #thumbsup”

Bee ‏(@lovebeekay) wrote: “Django Unchained was kinda awkward sitting next to white people to be honest.”

Jamaal Wilson (@el_botin_negro) wrote: “Samuel L. Jackson is ridiculously good in Django Unchained, almost so good u start to hate him cause he might really be like that…he was that believable.”

Olivia Jackson (‏@LivyBuggg) wrote: “The movie Django Unchained was so so good. Definitely worth the money. Go see it everyone.”

We usually include a few negative tweets to balance out the reviews, but we couldn’t find any critically negative reviews on twitter. And that is quite telling. What did you think of Django Unchained? Leave your review below.