Eddie Murphy and Denzel Washington Deemed Least Valuable Actors

Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington Least Valuable Actors in HollywoodEddie Murphy has been deemed the most overpaid (and least valuable) actor in Hollywood, according to Forbes.

The magazine calculated today’s least valuable movie stars by comparing how much actors got paid for their last three projects against how much the movie eventually earned.

Murphy isn’t the only black actor to earn a spot on the list. Surprisingly, Oscar winner Denzel Washington came in at Number 8.

Is this some racist crap? Not really. There are plenty of white actors on the list too. However, Forbes did not factor in Murphy’s voiceover work on the massive Shrek franchise films. Washington’s latest film Flight (currently at $80m+) was not factored into his tally since it’s still in theaters.

Ironically, Washington was named the fourth most valuable actor in Hollywood by New York Magazine earlier this year.

For the full list of Forbes’ most overpaid actors, click here.


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