Samuel L. Jackson To Star in ‘Kite’ Adaptation

Samuel L. Jackson

Stephen Lovekin

Samuel L. Jackson has been cast in a yet unkknown role in a live-action adaptation of  ‘Kite,’ the 90s’ Japanese anime.

Empire Online reports:

Jackson has announced his involvement with the project whilst on promotional duties for Django Unchained, where he mentioned to what he had on his slate after the RoboCop remake wraps.

“After [RoboCop], I’m going to do this live-action version of Kite, the Japanese anime,” he said. “I’ll be doing a live-action version of that in Johannesburg.”

Released in two parts before being edited together as a 60-minute piece for the US market, the 1998 anime told the tale of an orphaned schoolgirl called Sawa who sets about finding the killer who murdered her parents. Helping her are the two corrupt detectives on the case of the double homicide, Akai and Kanie, who take her in as guardians, and, um, [click here for the grisly details].

Growing up to be a seriously bad-ass assassin, the resulting story is twisted and bloody and definitely one to keep an eye on, if only because chances are it’ll be a tough one for the BBFC to put an 18 stamp on. 

Jackson will next be seen in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, which opens in theaters on Christmas Day.