Pan African Festival First Look: ‘Solstice’ Trailer +Poster

Independent Short Film “SOLSTICE” will make its world premiere screening at the Pan African Film Festival February 9 & 14, 2013. Rave Cinemas Baldwin Hills 15, 4020 Marlton Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90008.

“SOLSTICE,” written by JoAnna Rhambo, is a powerful and impactful story dealing with the realities of domestic violence.

Based on real events, the short film tells the story of Jessica Carlon (Rhambo) and Thomas Johnson (Keith Burke). Jessica initially felt that staying in a relationship with Thomas was not the best idea, however she strayed from her initial thoughts and maintained her relationship with Thomas.

Jessica found solace in her decision as Thomas proved to have redeeming qualities and they had fun together. Typical with any relationship there were a few red flags that alluded to a darker side of Thomas but Jessica attributed those signs to a personality glitch based on his views of relationships adopted from his environment and the people who grew up with. She felt she could change his views of relationships by being a woman of high standards and class.

However, Jessica’s hopes of a peaceful relationship began to quickly disintegrate when Thomas became victim of his own distorted views of relationships. Thomas was accustomed to treating women with a lack of respect and being ultra dominate. When a woman would not submit to his authority he felt it was natural to ensure his position as head of the relationship by being verbally and physically abusive.

Thomas mostly displayed verbal attacks on Jessica whenever he felt emasculated, however, one evening after partying and drinking Thomas unveiled his full abilities to usurp his authority over Jessica by putting his hands on her in a manner which she had never experienced before. So traumatized during this outburst of rage and anger Jessica believed that should was going to die and the only thing she could think to do during the attack was to pray to God out loud.

In a powerful thirty minutes Solstice conveys the physical and emotional turmoil of being in an abusive relationship and will give all who can relate to these characters a visual representation of themselves.

SOLSTICE is Directed by award winning Director Reggie Gaskins.

SOLSTICE will be screening two times during the Short Series 3 at the Pan African Film Festival. The screening times are:

Saturday February 9, 2013 at 10:05pm

Thursday February 14, 2013 at 1:25pm

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