Benjamin Charles Watson to Recur on AMC’s ‘The Killing’

Benjamin Charles Watson


L.A. Complex‘s Benjamin Charles Watson has landed a recurring role on the upcoming third season of AMC’s The Killing. The Jamaican-Canadian actor will recur in at least four episodes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Watson will portray Gay Ray, a transgender teen who “left home because of a domineering and bigoted adoptive father and has found acceptance and love in his street family.” Gay Ray is described as “optimistic, funny, intelligent and a good friend.”

We’re not exactly sure how he will tie into the season three storyline, but one can assume that he may have a connection to a missing girl who’s not Rosie Larsen.

Here’s the official series description for next season: “A year after closing the Rosie Larsen case, Sarah Linden is no longer a detective. But when her ex-partner Stephen Holder’s search for a runaway girl leads him to discover a gruesome string of murders that connects to a previous murder investigation by Linden, she is drawn back into the life she thought she’d left behind.”


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