Idris Elba Says His Mandela Biopic Is ‘Hands Down The Best’

Idris Elba Hosts Tanqueray Gin Palace

Bauer Griffin

Idris Elba sat down with UK’s Guardian for a very insightful interview about his career at the launch of the Tanqueray Gin Palace in London. The Thor actor discussed, among other things, his role as the legendary political activist-turned-South African president Nelson Mandela in the upcoming biopic, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview.

On comparing his portrayal of Mandela with that of Morgan Freeman (Invictus) and Terrence Howard (Winnie):

“Hands down the best. Hands down the best. Not in terms of performance. But my film’s about his entire life. Anyone wanting to understand who Mandela was should go and watch my film. Morgan Freeman is outstanding. Terrence Howard is an outstanding actor. But my film is about his life”

On landing the James Bond role: 

“James Bond I’m still struggling with.  No, it’s a massive rumour. That’s all it is, honestly. I’d be screaming it from the fucking rooftops of my council flat in east London if I got James Bond, but it’s just a rumour.”

On Season Three of BBC’s Luther: 

“In September. He’s an old-school detective. He’s recognisable without you knowing it. Neil Cross has got a real love affair with old school characters, flawed characters. These are the same characters that we’ve watched for years. So Luther has that sort of texture to him. I love Colombo and all them old guys, and that’s what I try to inject.”

For the full interview, head over to The Guardian.