Watch Eric Kolelas’ French Drama Short ’50 Pence’ (Video)

Eric Kolelas in '50 Pence'
French filmmaker and actor Eric Kolelas stars in a gripping new short film drama, 50 Pence, which he also wrote and directed.

In the short film, Kolelas plays a hustler who navigates through the beautiful streets of Paris with a mysterious woman (Anoushka Ravanshad) after he is ordered to bring her to his dangerous boss where an uncertain future awaits.

“I decided that if nobody would give me an opportunity, I would create my own,” said Kolelas. “I went ahead and wrote a short script, which would have one of these non-typecast and complex characters I longed for. I proceeded to produce and direct the film, making sure the specific vision I had for those characters would not get lost and I also played the lead.”

The official film synopsis reads:

Following a heavy loss in the french capital, Darren, a keen gambler, finds himself at the orders of Mr Hatim, a hardened Parisian Mafioso. As his first job, he’s assigned to escort an unknown woman, Karina, from a begrimed hotel room to Mr. Hatim’s hideout, for undisclosed yet obscure reasons. Unable to see Karina as anything less than a person and aware of her apparent anxiety, Darren struggles to come to terms with his involvement in the affair. Whilst Karina becomes conscious of his unease, a strange bond subsequently develops between the two, leaving Darren reconsidering his values and the person he once thought he was.