Watch Damon Wayans Jr. in Comedy Web Series ‘Just Face It’ (Video)

Damon Wayans Stars in Nivea's Comedy Web Series

Damon Wayans Jr. has teamed up with Nivea Men (you know, the company behind that racist ad) to create a branded comedy series to promote the brand’s grooming products. In this new original web series “Just Face It,” viewers follow Ty (Wayans) as he silences one irritation after another in pursuit of a smoother life.

In the premiere episode, Ty reflects on the merits of bachelorhood when his girlfriend Mandy abruptly moves out. Can his best friend Nicky cheer him up or will a chance encounter with a beautiful co-worker help him move on?

In the second episode, Ty discovers finding a new roommate isn’t as easy as it sounds. Check it out below.

For more episodes, head over to their Youtube channel and subscribe.