Azie Mira Dungey Stars in ‘Ask A Slave’ Web Series

Posted on September 12, 2013 /Video


Azie Mira Dungey is one of many black actresses turning to the web to launch an acting career, making her debut in a smart new web series entitled “Ask a Slave.”

The series, directed by Jordan Black, is based on Dungey’s experience working as a living historical character re-enactor at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate in which she has played everyone from “Harriet Tubman to Diane Nash to Claudette Colvin to Caroline Branham– Martha Washington’s enslaved Lady’s maid.”

In a radio interview about the new series, Dungey explains the idea behind “Ask a Slave” saying, “I kept a running log. My friends and family encouraged me to do so because I would come home and I would tell them about all these crazy things that happened to me at work.”

In the web series, Dungey plays Lizzie Mae, a fictional character and one of 316 slaves that worked and lived on George Washington’s five farms. According to, “About 98 of those enslaved people lived on the Mansion House Farm, the grounds of the mansion. Lizzie would have been one of about 12 who worked in the mansion. The rest of the people on her farm were working artisans: carpenters, spinners, weavers, laundresses, knitters, horselers, gardeners, and blacksmiths.”

Watch the latest episode below.

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