How to Get Movie Tickets Early Using Ticket New?

Posted on November 23, 2013 /Uncategorized


If a new movie is releasing and you want to buy tickets to the premiere show or avoid the crowded queues or get good seats you mess to buy your tickets early. And if you are really worried about not getting your tickets or losing good seats then you need to follow our easy steps or solutions to get your hands on the ticket.

  • Search for cinemas near you

The first step in finding booking your movie tickets early is to search for cinemas close to you. Theatres far away will be tedious. At times you might get stuck in traffic and won’t be able to make it to the show on time. So always prefer theatres and cinema halls close to you for which you have easy access. This will save time and unnecessary chaos.

  • Decide on the website to book from

Once you have made up your mind in the theatre to watch the movie, you need to select the online booking website from which you want to book your tickets. Ticket New is the best of the lot and TicketNew Offers and Coupons for New and Existing Users is also available. You also have many websites to choose from. Online movie ticket booking is the easiest portal from where you can get your movie tickets easily without much procedure rather than buying the ticket in person.

  • Choose the city you want to book your tickets

Now the next step after deciding on the website you want to book your tickets, you need to choose the city you want to watch the movie in. Most online movie ticket booking websites like Ticket New gives you the option of booking tickets all over the country. So you need to specify which city you are looking forward to getting your tickets in.

  • Enter your login credentials

On entering the city, your online movie ticket booking portal will take you to the sign-up page where you need to sign in to book your tickets. Login credentials are mandatory to make bookings online. You can also download the application on your phone or laptop and make the booking easier and faster.

  • Check for the show timings and availability

Now you need to make sure that the movie that you are looking for should be running in the theatre of your choice. Check for the show timing on the date that you are looking for. Select the one which is most suitable for you. In case you can’t find the show at the theatre that you are looking for on one particular date then you can try for other shows on other days or select a different theater.

  • Select your seat

Now that you have finalized the show timing and the date you will be taken to choose the seats of your choice. You can select the seat that you think will you will be comfortable in. You can choose a secluded spot or in the middle for a better view. Your seat is a factor that you should pay more attention to.

  • Keep your source of payment ready

Before you start the online booking of your movie ticket to save up time and get your tickets early, you need to keep your credit or debit card ready. Because you will only have a few minutes left to make your payment before the page closes. To save yourself from losing your booking keep your cards ready and handy.

  • Finish and get your tickets

Once your payment is done, the process of booking your ticket is done. The payment transaction will be done in a few seconds after which you will get your copy of the ticket. Online movie ticket booking using ticket New is your go-to solution for booking tickets early to catch the premiere of your favorite movie.