‘Danny and the Human Zoo’ Trailer Starring Kascion Franklin (Video)

Posted on August 16, 2015 /UK


A new trailer has hit the web for BBC One’s period drama, “Danny and the Human Zoo.”

Newcomer Kascion Franklin stars as Danny Fearon, a talented teenager from a Jamaican family growing up in 1970s Dudley. The series is inspired by comedian and actor Lenny Henry‘s rise to fame. Henry, who wrote the programme, also stars in the show as Danny’s father, Samson Fearon. His mother is played by Cecilia Noble.

The official synopsis reads:

“Danny’s world is a series of complex minefields which he has to negotiate: his home life – which his ebullient mother rules with an iron fist in an iron glove; his love life – where the Irish girl he’s in lust with won’t give him the time of day until he wins his first competition; and finally the ups and downs of his emerging career. When Danny wins a talent competition at the local club, he soon finds himself working the comedy circuit. Audiences can’t get enough and applaud Danny as he effortlessly morphs into Mohammed Ali, Tommy Cooper and Frank Spencer, eventually hitting the big time on TV – an unheard-of achievement for a young black boy. But an unscrupulous manager takes advantage of Danny and forces him to star in a show – Musical Minstrel Cavalcade. Danny hits rock bottom. Having made his name by becoming other people, Danny has to save himself by finding out who he really is.”

“Danny and The Human Zoo” will air on BBC ONE. No official premiere date has been announced as of yet.

(Image credit: BBC One)