Top 10 Best Performances of 2015

Top 10 Best Performances of 2015
10 Best Performances of 2015: Chiwetel Ejiofor

    10. Chiwetel Ejiofor as Loomis in ‘Z for Zachariah

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Ejiofor gives a restrained performance in this little known film and we loved every minute of it! The role of Loomis required vulnerability and strength, which Ejiofor delievered with such an amazing grace.

Top 10 Best Performances of 2015: Idris Elba

    9. Idris Elba as Commandant in “Beasts of No Nation”

(Photo: Netflix)

Elba commanded the audience from the moment he appeared on screen. The British actor was powerful, strong, and bold with his choices for the role of an African war commandant in Netflix’s first original film.

Top 10 Best Performances of 2015: Jason Mitchell

    8. Jason Mitchell as Eazy-E in ‘Straight Outta Compton

(Photo: Universal)

The Louisiana native was emotionally invested in this project and it showed through his brilliant performance as west coast gangsta rap pioneer Eazy-E. It’s not very often we see a newcomer carry a major motion film with raw talent, but that’s exactly what Mitchell did. His performance alone made the film what it is. Mitchell delivered a performance that was like a breath of fresh air in an environment filled with smog.

Top 10 Best Performances of 2015: Samuel L. Jackson

    7. Samuel L. Jackson as Major Marquis Warren in “The Hateful Eight”

(Photo: The Weinstein Company)

Jackson is cast in just about every movie release that allows for a black male character. Just when we think we’ve seen him do it all, he surprises us in a role like this one. Jackson’s role as a soldier-turned-bounty hunter seems as if it’s second nature to him. His character could have easily been associated with his many other similar roles in different films, but that’s not the case here. He effortlessly transformed into a somewhat charming and mysterious character we haven’t quite seen before. In turn, he delivered a breathtaking performance that was both thrilling and majestic.

Top 10 Best Performances of 2015: David Alan Grier

    6. David Alan Grier as The Cowardly Lion in “The Wiz Live”

(Photo: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

Grier took this role by the mane and completely nailed it! They say that an actor has to be willing to play if he truly wants to act. Grier’s playfulness shined through in this role as the world witnessed some serious stage acting chops at play. David Alan Grier embodied his character to the fullest extent and created true magic while doing so.

Top 10 Best Performances of 2015: Cicely Tyson and James Earl Jones

    5. Cicely Tyson/James Earl Jones (TIE) as Fonsia Dorsey and Weller Martin, respectively, in Broadway’s “The Gin Game”

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Two legends meet again on a Broadway stage. Jones and Tyson show up to give the audience what seems like a masterclass in stage acting. Their chemistry on stage puts the viewing audience in somewhat of a trance as they masterfully build up a rapport with one another. We simply couldn’t pick one over the other.

10 Best Performances of 2015: Regina King

    4. Regina King as Aliyah Shadeed in “American Crime Story”

(Photo: Van Redin, ABC)

King shined as a deeply religious Muslim woman trying to protect her brother during a murder investigation. She played the role with such a raw intensity that Hollywood was left with no other option than to hand her an Emmy win!

Top 10 Best Performances of 2015: Will Smith

    3. Will Smith as Dr. in ‘Concussion’

(Photo: Columbia Pictures)

It has been an honor to witness Will Smith grow into such a fine actor over the years. Smith tackled (pun intended) this role with the strength of an NFL player, but played it with such a nuanced vulnerability that he was barely recognizable as the action hero and comedian we’ve all come to know and love. This role may in fact be the highlight of his career.

Top 10 Best Performances of 2015: Viola Davis

    2. Viola Davis as Annalise Keating in “How to Get Away with Murder”

(Photo: Mitch Haaseth/ABC)

Davis made history when she scored an Emmy award for her portrayal of super bitch lawyer/professor Annalise Keating in ABC’s “How to Get Away With Murder.” The actress has crafted an incredibly dynamic character that sets the bar extremely high for network television. Davis shook up Hollywood with her most provocative and interesting role yet. Has network television ever had such range in an actress?

Top 10 Best Performances of 2015: Arlen Escarpeta
1. Arlen Escarpeta as Bobby Brown in “Whitney”
(Photo: Lifetime Networks)

Escarpeta has been on our radar for a while now. However, it wasn’t until his breakout performance this year as R&B singer Bobby Brown in Lifetime’s “Whitney” when we truly got a glimpse of his range as an actor. Escarpeta’s performance as Bobby Brown was captivating and exhilarating. His dedication to the role and the film shined through as he stole almost every scene from the film’s main star–Yaya Dacosta‘s Whitney Houston. His performance was not only stellar, it was promising.