Andrew Bachelor Lands Lead Role in Fox’s Navy SEAL Comedy

Viral video star Andrew Bachelor (aka King Bach) has landed a lead role in the upcoming FOX comedy B Team.

The project centers on a former Navy SEAL (Bachelor) struggling to adjust back to civilian life, who forms a team of mercenaries with questionable skills called the “Badass Taskforce of Elite Assault Mercenaries” or B-Team. Turns out they’re just bad and not very elite, but they fight for the little guy and protect the law while breaking it most of the time.

The show is under a penalty commitment, which means the pilot will defintely make it to network television in some capacity or else the network will have to pay up a ton of money. It’s pretty safe to say we will be seeing King Bach on a small screen soon.

Bachelor’s credits include 50 Shades of Black, We Are Your Friends, and most recently, Netflix’s Easy.