Gmail For Web Gets Hundreds Of New High Resolution Themes And Emoji

Posted on November 9, 2016 /Uncategorized


After introducing the ‘Undo Send’ feature, Google has announced a couple of additions to its web-based Gmail service aimed at making the product more fun to use, as well as more personal. The update brings along new themes, new emojis, advanced tools to tweak background and more color palette option to optimally customize the email service.

Themes have been a part of the Gmail experience since 2008, Google points out in a blog post announcing the changes. But they’re buried in the settings and Google hasn’t done much in the way of keeping the collection current with new and updated content over the years. That’s why the expansion of the themes section today is notable.

Express yourself in Email: hundreds of more Themes:

In addition, Google has added an ’emoji for just about every occasion’, so now you don’t have to hunt down the right words to express how you feel. You can customize inbox with color background images and color options.

In addition, you’ll find new editing options for themes like a blur (allowing you to blur a sharp image into an abstract blob), vignette (which puts a faded, black border around your image), and text background (which allows you to change an unsightly white border around your menu text to dark gray).

Express yourself in Email: hundreds of more Themes

These updates are rolling out over the course of the next few days, so if you don’t see the changes just yet be sure to check back in the next day or two.

Google adds hundreds of new emoji to Gmail’s web interface:

In addition, Gmail is adding better emoji to its web-based email, which includes a set of smiley faces, as well as other categories, like food, nature, holidays and more – similar to what you’d find on mobile texting apps, or, as it turns out, Google’s own Hangouts app. This selection will likely replace the current selection of emoji, which are basically a holdover from an earlier era and resemble chat emoticons.

Google adds hundreds of new emoji to Gmail’s web interface

Gmail today is heavily used on mobile, however. The company said in May that Gmail now has a total of 900 million users, up from 425 million in 2012, and 75 percent would access the service from mobile devices. In other words, Google needs to keep its email service mobile-friendly, and that means supporting modern emoji.